Label printers

Label printers – thermal and thermal transfer printers are nowadays the most popular devices for printing labels and markings in many branches. The printing technology consists in heating the material that moves under the print head: in case of thermal printers paper with a special film, whereas in thermal transfer printers – a ribbon with ink which is transferred onto the label surface. The requirements and intended use of labels and product markings determine the choice, type and sometimes the printer producer. Thermal transfer printers and properly selected consumables (labels and thermal transfer ribbons) ensure top quality marking. Label printers provide a possibility of printing large volumes as well as single copies. Industrial, desktop and mobile printers found their broad application in all areas of modern enterprises. The offer includes a broad spectrum of thermal and thermal transfer printers of many renowned producers: Zebra, TSC, Citizen, Printronix, Honeywell, Toshiba.

  • thermal and transfer printers
  • low costs of exploitation
  • possibility of printing many types of labels and markings
  • printing bar codes and 2D codes
  • print resolution 200 dpi, 300 dpi and 600 dpi
  • print width of 2”, 4”, 6”, 8”
  • easy to use
  • communication interfaces Ethernet, Wi-Fi, GPIO port
  • application in the fields of production, logistics, office and administration…



Mobile computers

Data terminals – wireless, mobile devices used for collecting and processing data during the implementation of processes in the field of production, logistics and in the warehouse. Data terminals are equipped with a code reader, keyboard, touch display, battery and housing which ensures proper operation in harsh industrial conditions and harsh environment. The Android system together with a specialist software make it possible to efficiently use their possibilities in the course of conducted tasks. Depending on the specificity of implemented processes and additional equipment they appear as manual terminals, vehicle mount terminals and heavy-duty tablets. Data terminals are equipped with the readers intended for reading codes from a longer distance found their application in high storage warehouses. Our offer includes data terminals of the leading manufacturers, such as, among others, Honeywell, Zebra, Datalogic, Cipherlab.

  • the housing is resistant to a fall from a great height
  • possibility of code reading from a long distance
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi communication,
  • reading of 1D and 2D codes
  • the Android system
  • efficient battery



Barcode scanners

Code readers – devices intended for reading and encoding information written in the form of a bar code or 2D code. Decoding the code value takes place through the process of reading the beam of light emitted by the reader reflected from the code. Depending on the source of light used, laser and LED readers can be distinguished. When it comes to the way of communication with a computer, there are wire and wireless readers, e.g. with Bluetooth. Code readers find their application in all business areas: production, logistics and warehousing, office and administration, trade and many industries. The offer includes, among other things: Honeywell, Zebra, Datalogic, Cipherlab.

  • wired and wireless readers
  • USB, RS232, Bluetooth communication
  • possibility of reading 1D and 2D codes
  • can operate in harsh conditions in the field of production or cold rooms
  • tight housing resistant to falls
  • possibility of using appropriate grips and stands



Barcode verifiers

Code verifiers – devices intended for the control over the correctness of printed labels that contain bar codes and/or 2D codes. The code verifier is a device integrated with a thermal transfer printer which makes it possible to validate printed labels during and after printing. In case of incorrectly verified codes the label is marked and printed again. Code verifiers integrated with a label printer prove useful when there is a need to print a larger number of various codes on a label or when blocks of labels are printed and each label contains a different code. The application of verifiers in controlling printouts makes it possible to reduce the number of complaints and costs related to incorrectly printed codes on products. The offer includes Printronix and Honeywell products.

  • 100% labels with a correctly printed code
  • up to 50 codes can be verified on one label
  • code verification in compliance with the ISO standards
  • verification of the so-called “quiet zone” and checksum



Colour label printers

Colour label printers – printers that print in the inkjet or laser technology which makes it possible to print high resolution labels and markings. The advantage of the printers is their operation directly from available graphic design programmes without incurring additional unnecessary costs of production preparation. Colour label printers find their application in enterprises in which there is a need for printing many types of colour labels in certain batches of which each type is characterised by a different graphic design. It makes it possible to reduce costs related to the maintenance of excessive inventory balance of colour labels that results from the need to adjust to the production minimum of conventional printing technology, e.g. flexography.  Our offer includes Epson and AstroNova inkjet and laser printers.

  • possibility of printing high quality colour labels
  • on-demand label printing, even one piece only
  • possibility of quick change of the design of printed labels
  • labels can be printed on paper and foil
  • possibility of printing on matte and gloss materials
  • reduction of costs dedicated to labelling



Card printers

Card printers – devices used for printing and encoding ID cards and access cards. The printers make it possible to print in the full range of colours using thermal sublimation technology and monochromatic imprint in case of thermal transfer technology They are most frequently used by administration department in companies and institutions where working time control system, access authorisation for employees and guests, and monitoring are used. The offer includes Zebra card printers.

  • full colour print
  • one-sided or double-sided printing
  • possibility of encoding contact cards, proximity cards and magnetic stripes



Label rewinders

Label rewinders – universal devices which make it possible to rewind pre-printed labels onto a roll of any core diameter and in a specific number. Label rewinders are a perfect solution in the field of production in the so-called “printing rooms” where, together with a label printer, they create a simple technological line. It makes it possible to prepare labels on the rolls required in further stages of production. The labels prepared in such way can later be used in automatic or manual applicators or label dispensers. The offer includes Labelmate devices.

  • smooth adjustment of speed and ribbon tension
  • high rewinding speed
  • adjustable disk makes it possible to use cores (kerns) of various diameters




Label dispensers – devices which peel off labels from the liner in order to make them easier to be collected by the operator and to facilitate manual application of the label to the product. Label dispensers (feeders) are equipped with a sensor which guarantees dispensing of another label after collecting the previous one. The application of dispensers on the production lines speeds up the process of manual label application even if the operator is obliged to work in safety gloves. Label dispensers are used in the field of production, warehousing and logistics, office and administration. The offer includes Labelmate devices.

  • transparent labels can be used
  • height of label from 6 to 150 mm
  • width of label up to 165 mm
  • label counter



Handheld label applicators

Handheld label applicators – easy to use devices used for application of pre-printed labels directly to the product packaging.  They facilitate and speed up the process of applying labels packaged in rolls. The offer includes Towa applicators.

  • label width from 25 mm to 100 mm
  • maximum height of labels 60 mm
  • automatic way of detecting gaps between labels
  • easy to use
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