RFID pallets and containers id labels

RFID container ID labels – made in the form of permanent self-adhesive labels contain a unique number in the form of a code which is also stored in the memory of an RFID tag. They are used in many business areas for marking reusable items. On their basis the content of a particular vessel can be identified or its current status in the reusable items management system can be determined. Pallets and vessels with this type of labels make it possible to automate processes in consignment warehouses.

  • permanent marking of pallets, containers and vessels resistant to ambient conditions
  • efficient management of reusable items
  • real-time warehouse inventory
  • possibility of quick tracking of vessels and products in the warehouse



RFID identification labels

RFID identification label – is used for the purposes of proper identification of products, semi-finished goods, components or warehouse units during production and logistic processes. They most commonly appear as permanent labels with a printed code and identification number. Data written in the chip of an RFID tag significantly speed up and facilitate the operation of production tracking systems and verification of products in a broad supply chain.

  • quick process of product identification in tracking systems
  • possibility of reading many tags at the same time
  • possibility of writing additional information at particular stages of production



RFID logistic labels

RFID logistic label – used for marking parcels and logistic units; it contains information essential for the proper implementation of warehouse processes and transport. The information can be stored in the memory of an RFID tag which significantly increases the efficiency of processes and shortens the reading time. The logistic RFID label contains standard information in the form of text and codes, and data written into RFID tags which makes it possible to simultaneously read many parcels placed on the pallet. Additionally, data can be written with an SSCC code compliant with the GS1 standard.

  • standard formats of logistic labels
  • reading of many logistic units at the same time
  • compliant with the GS1 standard



RFID product labels

RFID product label – applied directly to the product or its packaging. It contains basic information for the end customer such us: name of the device, manufacturer, logo, composition, date of manufacture and/or a bar code etc. The selected information can be written into an RFID tag which significantly speeds up product identification and inventory processes at their point of distribution or sale. They can also be used as anti-theft tags.

  • paper and foil labels
  • quick inventory process of products in a warehouse or at a point of sale
  • maintenance free process of sales of products



RFID inventory labels

RFID inventory label – a self-adhesive label for marking fixed assets, tools and documents. The register number written to the memory of an RFID tag improves the process of data collection during the inventory of the assets of an enterprise and archiving of documents. The number is most frequently duplicated on the label in the form of a code with a signature. RFID inventory labels make it possible to write a much larger amount of information, which is essential in the inventory process, than standard inventory labels with a code.

  • quick inventory and record of documents
  • reading of many tags of assets at the same time
  • quick location of the archived documents



RFID shelves and racks labels

RFID shelves and racks labels – self-adhesive labels which are an element of the marking system in many business areas in which there is a need to store products in a specific location. The number of a given location written into an RFID tag makes it possible to automate warehouse processes to a large extent. They are carriers of information about the location for autonomous robots or vehicles which conduct warehouse and logistic processes in an enterprise.

  • automation of processes in the warehouse
  • carrier of information about location for autonomous warehouse systems
  • limits the risk of errors



RFID marketing labels

RFID marketing label – its aim is to pass the most significant marketing information about the product to the customer. The application of this kind of labels, RFID tags compliant with the NFC standard makes it possible to use many other options for the promotional purposes. The data stored there can be a carrier of additional marketing or technical information about the product. They may include links to websites or loyalty systems.

  • possibility of reading with the use of a smartphone with the Android system
  • easy access to additional information
  • it emphasises the most significant features of the product
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