Resin ribbons

Resin thermal transfer ribbons – the ink is made mainly on the basis of resin with appropriate additives. The ribbons are most commonly used in the industry for printing nameplates, product and identification labels; in places where the aspect of cost is less significant than quality requirements and resistance of the marking. The imprint made with the aid of resin thermal transfer ribbon is characterised by high abrasion resistance with a simultaneous influence of additional factors typical for a given industry or application. Appropriate modifications and additives to the ink made it possible to specify ribbons intended for printing labels exposed to high temperatures, chemical substances, detergents, washing process or surface mounting of electronic circuits. High abrasion resistance of the imprint made with the use of resin thermal transfer ribbons depends, to a large extent, on the materials used in the printing process.

  • high abrasion resistance of the imprint
  • high resistance to high temperatures and chemical substances
  • UL certified ribbons



Wax/resin ribbons

Wax/resin thermal transfer ribbons – the ink consists of wax and resin. Ribbons of this type are intended for printing paper matte and semi-gloss labels where print has to be more resistant to abrasion. They are used mainly in the fields of logistics and warehousing where, as a result of processes that take place there, the print can be smeared, and as a consequence errors may occur. MIX-type thermal transfer ribbons guarantee a perfect imprint contrast and code readability. They are used in many industries for printing, among other things, product, logistic and information labels.

  • for printing paper and foil labels
  • increased temperature and abrasion resistance
  • for printing permanent logistic markings
  • version for both flat head and near edge printers



Wax ribbons

Wax thermal transfer ribbons – the ink is made on the basis of wax, sometimes with a little resin additive. Wax ribbons are used mostly for printing paper matte and semi-gloss labels. The imprint is characterised by low resistance to abrasion. Therefore, the ribbons are intended for printing temporary markings. They are used mainly in places where price is paramount, that is in the field of trade and logistics, for printing product, address, transport and logistic labels.  They ensure appropriate readability of markings for these applications.

  • for temporary markings
  • for printing paper labels
  • the cheapest type of thermal transfer ribbons.
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