Rating plates

Rating plate of the hitch is most often located next to the cable bundle socket. It contains all the necessary information needed for hitch registration, among other things, homologation number, acceptable trailer weight, maximum towing capacity of the hitch, maximum static vertical load, and manufacturer’s details.  Such plate must be resistant to exceptionally difficult road conditions such as precipitation, slush, road salt, temperature changes, UV light as well as pressure washer detergents. Specialist self-adhesive labels that meet the above-mentioned conditions have been selected for this type of application. The applied, exceptionally strong adhesive provides exceptional adhesion to metal elements while ensuring that a rating plate will not fall off. Durable, abrasion-resistant imprint guarantees readability of data on the rating plate even after many years.

  • durable labels, resistant to extreme conditions
  • exceptionally strong adhesive guarantees plate adhesion for many years
  • imprint resistant to abrasion, water, dust, dirt, and scratches
  • the labels are compliant with all the requirements and standards of the automotive industry



Information labels

The labels contain important information for users, in the descriptive form or in the form of colourful pictograms, regarding the way of mounting, washing, and maintenance. The labels also include printed information about the hazard related to the improper use, and warning symbols. They are supposed to ensure the safety of travellers. Information labels are made of durable self-adhesive labels whose adhesive is carefully selected for the type of bonded surface: plastics, metal, material, fabric.

  • labels are resistant to atmospheric conditions
  • exceptionally strong adhesive ensures adhesion to various surfaces
  • durable and readable imprint resistant to abrasion, water, dust, dirt
  • the labels are compliant with all the requirements and standards of the automotive industry



Product labels

Product labels for car accessories such as child seats, roof boxes, bike racks, are applied directly to the product or packaging. They contain manufacturer’s name, product name, date of manufacture, batch number and bar code. All the parameters, certificate numbers, homologation are also printed on labels. Information about the product for covers, carpets and bags made of fabrics is printed on textile inserts which can both sewn in and applied.

  • durable labels with a strong adhesive resistant to many external factors
  • readable imprint resistant to abrasion, water, dust, dirt
  • the labels are compliant with all the requirements and standards of the automotive industry




Manufacturer’s logo emblems for car accessories are made of plastics, metal or in the form of self-adhesive labels.  They are characterised by high quality and aesthetics of finishing and are resistant to external factors, changing temperatures, scratches, and detergents. An exceptionally strong adhesive ensures adhesion to various surfaces and guarantees a durable joint for many years.

  • diverse texture, colour, shape
  • flat, convex, or spatial
  • easy to apply on an adhesive film



Double-sided mounting tapes and die-cuts

Double-sided adhesive tapes and films used for quick and durable fixing of elements. Thanks to a great joining force they are an alternative to mechanical joints such as bolts, rivets, and screws.  The joint achieved with the aid of double-sided adhesive labels is characterised by high mechanical durability and resistance to many external factors that is why they are frequently used in the automotive industry.  Double-sided adhesive elements cut to specific size (die-cut) facilitate mounting of elements made of materials of high and low surface energy (metals, wood, glass, various plastics, composites). The application of a double-sided adhesive tape additionally seals the joint and damps vibrations.

  • instantaneous joining force
  • burst, shear and tear resistance of the joint
  • resistance to solvents, plasticisers, humidity, and UV light



Reflective tapes and die-cuts

Self-adhesive tapes and die-cuts cut out from reflective foils are used for marking semi-trailers, trailers, additional equipment such as roof boxes, rack systems, child seats and bikes. They are supposed to improve vehicle visibility and increase safety on the roads. Self-adhesive reflective foils and shapes cut out from them are resistant to atmospheric conditions, temperature changes, UV light as well as pressure washer detergents. Exceptionally strong adhesive ensures exceptional adhesion to various surfaces.

  • reflective elements are resistant to atmospheric conditions and detergents
  • exceptionally strong adhesive guarantees adhesion for many years
  • quick and easy marking of accessories



Instructions for use

Instructions for mounting of additional equipment such as bike racks, roof boxes are printed in the form of cards, leaflets. Child car seats have a much more extended instruction printed in the form of a booklet or book. Information about the proper mounting of the child seat and transporting a child is printed in the form of colourful figures so that the user has no doubts. Information about the product and conditions of use are most frequently prepared in many language versions.

  • printouts in the form of one-sided or folded cards
  • instructions – books and booklets
  • digital and offset printing
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