Identification labels

Labels with a frame identification number make it possible to track the seat production process and identify the production batch. Special, tried-and-tested self-adhesive labels are resistant to extremely high temperatures and materials used in the production process. The identification label applied to the seat structure ensures readability of printed information after going through the whole production process.

  • labels are resistant to extremely high temperatures
  • durability of imprint to humidity, lubricants, oils, dust, dirt, and scratches
  • readability of the number, bar code or 2D code



RFID identification labels

RFID identification labels are placed during production inside headrests and thanks to that they are an invisible element. RFID technology makes it possible to read information encoded in the manufactured detail and ensures their quick and faultless identification in the whole supply chain.

  • possibility of writing a lot of information in an RFID tag
  • resistance of tags to harsh conditions for many years
  • a tag is invisible to the eye
  • quick and faultless identification



Information labels

The labels contain information important for the user, e.g. the way of folding the seat, adjusting the headrest, are printed in the descriptive form or in the form of pictograms.  Information labels are made of durable self-adhesive labels in the form of a leaflet or tag hung up on the seat.

  • exceptionally strong adhesive ensures adhesion to various surfaces
  • durable and readable imprint resistant to abrasion, water, dust, dirt
  • the labels are compliant with all the requirements and standards of the automotive industry



Double-sided mounting tapes and die-cuts

Double-sided adhesive tapes and adhesive elements cut out from it are used for permanent fixing of parts made of materials of high and low surface energy, e.g. upholstery. The joint obtained with the aid of double-sided adhesive labels is characterised by high mechanical durability and resistance to many external factors that is why they are frequently used in the automotive industry.

  • instantaneous joining force
  • burst, shear and tear resistance of the joint
  • resistance to solvents, plasticisers, humidity, and UV light



Self-adhesive fixing tapes and die-cuts

Self-adhesive tapes are intended for permanent or temporary fixing of movable elements, e.g. cable bundles, to the sheathing. Elastic tapes perfectly adjust and adhere to bonded surfaces and ensure durability of the joint for many years. Shapes cut out from a self-adhesive tape (die-cuts) are used for masking and sealing holes.

  • permanent or temporary fixing of cables
  • reinforcement and sealing of joints
  • masking of holes



Industrial velcro

Industrial velcro that consist of two parts which can be opened and closed many times. They are used in the automotive industry for fixing upholstery, headlining, and carpeting. The adhesive layer ensures perfect adhesion to connected surfaces, whereas fasteners make it possible to temporarily separate the elements.

  • they endure around 1000 cycles of opening and closing
  • easy access to the masked elements of infrastructure
  • easy to mount thanks to a double-sided adhesive tape
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