Front panels

Front panels where the manufacturer logo, device model, description of washing and drying programmes are printed, are made of modern materials resistant to detergents, water, mechanical damage, and their colour matches the housing of a washing machine or tumble dryer.  The front panels can be made of a flat board with cut out holes for knobs, or it can have a built-in display – a window with integrated buttons. Front panels are most frequently applied to the device housing with the aid of an adhesive film or double-sided adhesive tape.

  • durable, new-generation materials
  • modern design, aesthetic finishing dependent on the washing machine colour
  • easy to mount on adhesive films



Control panels

Touch control panels are made with the use of modern technologies and specialist paints that have insulating and conductive properties. They perform the role of touch panels that control the programme selectors of washing machines and tumble dryers. The windows and clearances in the panel display the operating parameters and status of the device.  The control panels are mounted with the aid of a selectively applied adhesive layer.

  • possibility to control the device
  • resistance to water and detergents
  • aesthetically made
  • easy mounting to the housing of the device



Energy labels

Energy labels for washing machines, washer dryers and tumble dryers are made in compliance with the applicable EU regulations concerning energy efficiency labels. The labels contain information about energy class and basic parameters of the device: energy use, water use and noise level.

  • compliance with the labelling requirements for each washing machine, washer dryer and tumble dryer
  • the dimensions of a label and particular fields are compliant with the requirements of each country.
  • a self-adhesive label does not leave residue on the housing after being peeled off
  • high quality of print, intense colours, aesthetic appearance
  • the labels are printed in many languages according to the provisions in force in each country



Rating plates

Rating plates for washing machines, washer dryers and tumble dryers contain basic information such as name of the device, logo, manufacturer, series number, year of manufacture and rated parameters:  rated powersupply voltage, coil heater power, dimensions, capacity, certificate of safety. Durability and resistance to water and detergents throughout the whole life cycle of the washing machine, washer dryer or tumble dryer are particularly important features of such plate.

  • labels with a strong adhesive ensure exceptionally good adhesion to the metal surface of the device
  • resistance of labels to water, detergents, dust, dirt, and scratches for many years.
  • the colour of the plate matches the device housing.
  • compliance with the market requirements regarding the markings of household appliances.
  • the descriptions are printed in different languages, depending on which market the equipment is supplied to



Marketing labels

Marketing labels also known as POP labels or POS labels are supposed to distinguish a particular device from other competitive ones, emphasise its advantages, features and functionalities – 5-year guarantee, 10-year guarantee, Woolmark certificates, certificate of the Institute of Mother and Child, Made in Poland. Colourful, graphically attractive marketing labels are applied in a visible place on the front of a washing machine or washer dryer. That is why such labels most frequently have an easily removable adhesive thanks to which they do not leave any adhesive residue on the device housing after being removed. Examples of our projects:

  • foil label for the washing machine door with printed colour laundry
  • label with a colourful Ceramic Coil Heater figure
  • label with the mark: Smart Control



Information labels

Information labels for washing machines, washer dryers and tumble dryers are particularly important from the user’s point of view. Such label or tag contains printed information such as connection instruction, instruction for use, description of washing / drying pictograms, method of cleaning filters written in the descriptive form or in the form of pictograms. Information labels can be printed in various forms – as easily removable labels that do not leave adhesive residue, water-soluble labels, magnetic labels, or tags. The descriptions are printed in different languages, depending on which market the equipment is supplied to

  • description of the control panel and additional buttons
  • magnetic label with the description of programmes in various languages
  • label warning about small elements inside the drum
  • label with the information about maximum load
  • schematic diagram of connections between installation elements of the washing machine
  • label with the Woolmark certificate
  • label with recommended detergents
  • label/tag with the figure how to connect the hose
  • information about the drum lock



Identification labels

Identification labels of the elements during production of washing machines, washer dryers and tumble dryers are particularly important since they constitute a source of information in tracking processes. The label contains identification data in the form of a bar code or 2D code of the finished product, semi-finished product, production element. It is used for verification of particular elements in the production process, protects against errors during mounting of particular components. It facilitates identification of faulty parts, whole series or batches and the analysis of the conditions of their manufacture.

  • compliance with production management requirements
  • elimination of errors on the production line
  • production batch tracking
  • identification of faulty parts



Double-sided mounting tapes and die-cuts

Mounting die-cuts are elements made of double-sided adhesive tapes. They facilitate mounting of components and, at the same time, eliminate screw joints and special hooks for joining plastic elements. They are used for mounting displays and control panels to the housing in washing machines, washer dryers and tumble dryers. Additionally, joining the elements with the aid of double-sided tapes of appropriate thickness, seals the joints, and damps vibrations. The choice of an appropriate tape depends on the joined materials and conditions in which the device will operate.

  • quick and easy assembly
  • aesthetic bonding
  • possibility of joining materials of diverse properties (surfaces)
  • perfect sealing properties
  • vibration damping



Surface protection films and die-cuts

Surface protection foils are commonly used for securing delicate and sensitive elements of a washing machine and washer dryers during production, transport, and storage. They protect the display, control panel or glass door of the device against mechanical damage. The elements cut out of a transparent self-adhesive foil do not leave any residue after being peeled off.

  • good adhesive properties to smooth and rough surfaces
  • they do not leave any residue on the surface after being peeled off.
  • high mechanical resistance to humidity and UV light



Strapping tapes for transport

Self-adhesive securing tapes used for temporary blocking of movable elements of a washing machine, washer dryer and tumble dryer during transport. An appropriate adhesive tape applied to the washing machine door and drawer for detergents prevents them from being opened or damaged.  Whereas after its removal no adhesive residue is left.  Special reinforced self-adhesive labels are used for temporary fixing of the cable and hose to the washing machine housing during transport.

  • any colour and width of the tape
  • strong adhesive and high mechanical resistance of the tape
  • adhesive that does not leave any residue
  • resistance to atmospheric conditions




Insulators are dielectric elements whose task is to protect electronic components of washing machines and washer dryers against all and any power surges that result from accumulation of charges. Insulators are compliant with the requirements regarding electric and electronic applications, among other things, the rigorous UL 94 flammability standard.

  • perfect dielectric properties
  • exceptionally good mechanical properties
  • low humidity absorption
  • high dimensional stability
  • high resistance to temperature.



Sealing and shock-absorbing tapes and die-cuts

Elements made of rubber, foam, silicone used as washers, spacers, separators. They seal joints, protect electronic elements of the washing machine, washer dryer against water, air, dust, and additionally damp vibrations.

  • Ccut to any shape
  • available as elements with an adhesive layer
  • self-adhesive tapes of various widths



Masking die-cuts

Masking die-cuts are elements cut out from one-sided adhesive materials of various properties used for marking mounting holes.  Their task is to seal holes, gaps in the bodies of washing machines, washer dryers, tumble dryers at the production stage. Self-adhesive die-cuts (ringlets, squares) are also prepared as sets for the washing machine users for masking holes in the housing after the removal of the drum lock.

  • masking of holes
  • easy to apply
  • resistance of the material to humidity, detergents, dust, dirt
  • durability and stability of the joint for many years




Logotypes, i.e. exclusive three-dimensional logo emblems of the manufacturer applied to the washing machine, washer dryer or tumble dryer fronts. Aesthetically made of metal or other modern materials can be convex or flat, metallised, or matte, of diverse texture adjusted to the colour of housing. They emphasise the device design and give it a unique character while, at the same time, increasing brand recognition.

  • attractive appearance
  • various colours and textures
  • easy application on an adhesive film
  • durability and resistance to scratches
  • resistance to water and detergents



Instructions for use

According to the consumer sale act, the seller is obliged to issue all the elements of the equipment and instructions for use, maintenance, and other required documents to the seller together with the product. Moreover, the act on the Polish language obliges manufacturers to attach all the documents, instructions for use and mounting in the Polish language. Such document as an instruction for use can be in any format, it can be printed on different types of paper in the form of glued books, stitched brochures, or folded cards.

  • compliant with legal requirements
  • print aesthetics, digital and offset printing
  • possibility of print and casing refinement
  • a set of prints for the end user in one set



Guarantee certificates

According to the consumer sale act, the seller is obliged to issue all the elements of the equipment and required documents such as a guarantee certificate to the seller together with the product. Such document can be in any format. It can be printed in colour on different types of paper. It is important for the guarantee certificate to contain manufacturer details, logo, terms and conditions of guarantee and fields to be completed concerning the faulty product.

  • compliant with legal requirements
  • print aesthetics, digital and offset printing
  • possibility of print refinement
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