Identification labels for vials and test tubes

Identification labels for marking laboratory samples stored at low temperatures have been designed to meet the needs of analytical and microbiology laboratories. They enable you to identify the samples quickly and faultlessly and to carefully track the tests. The labels are characterised by a perfect adhesion to all types of vials, Eppendorf, well plates and Petri dishes. The centrifuging process also doesn’t have a negative impact on the label adhesion to test tubes. They can be stored in dry ice and they also prove useful in multiple freeze and thaw cycles. They guarantee legibility of printed bar codes even after many years of storage. Identification labels for low temperatures are a part of the etiCALLS laboratory system.

  • perfect adhesion of labels to curved surfaces
  • resistance to storage in dry ice -80°C
  • resistance to water, low-grade cosmetic acids, oils and lubricants and mild solvents
  • intended for long-term storage of samples



Identification labels for microscope slides

The labels used for identification markings of microscope slides are used in pathology laboratories. The label and printed information are resistant to organic solvents such as xylene, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, methanol, formalin, toluene, and acetone. They remain intact after coming in contact with fixatives and do not get stained during histological staining. Labels can be immersed in various alcohol mixtures during dehydration, infiltration, and tissue deposition in paraffin. They are resistant to the process of removing xylene and toluene from tissue fragments as well as staining and counter-staining with eosin, haematoxylin, and other dyes. The labels resistant to solvents and chemicals are a perfect set for applications in pathology and cytology laboratories. The label formats are adjusted to microscope slides and tissue cassettes that come in contact with solvents and chemical substances. After being processed they can also be stored in archives for many years. Identification labels for microscope slides are a part of the etiCALLS laboratory system.

  • perfect adhesion of a label to many surfaces, e.g., glass and plastic
  • resistance to direct organic solvents such as xylene, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, methanol, formalin, toluene, and acetone
  • resistance to chemical substances, fixatives, and dyes
  • resistance to temperatures within the range from -40°C to +150°C
  • durability and legibility of the print



Security labels

Security labels are used for securing cases and containers with test tubes during storage and transportation. The security label protects the laboratory material against unauthorised interference. When an attempt is made to unstick the label, it gets destroyed, which makes it impossible to tear it off and stick it back on again. Security labels can also be used for securing racks, drawers and laboratory rooms as a supplement to markings within the etiCALLS system.

  • securing samples and documents against unauthorised interference
  • perfect adhesion of the label to various surfaces
  • resistance of the label to humidity, chemicals, high and low temperatures



Shelves labels

Special labels with a particularly strong adhesive are used for marking laboratory shelves and drawers. Properly marked places of storing samples, agents, equipment and documentation ensure order in every laboratory.

  • perfect adhesion of the label to metal surfaces and others
  • resistance to humidity, cleaning agents, detergents
  • compliance with security requirements
  • aesthetics of the markings



Inventory labels

Inventory labels are used for marking laboratory devices and equipment which constitute fixed assets. A self-adhesive label with a printed accession number makes it possible to record the assets in a quick and efficient manner. The markings are characterised by long-term durability and resistance to washing with the use of disinfectants. The proper composition of the label and adhesive makes it impossible to stick the marking to another place.

  • durability and aesthetics of the markings
  • quick and efficient inventory
  • elimination of errors



Chemical labels

Self-adhesive labels are customised for marking containers and bottles with chemical substances used in the laboratory.  Properly described chemical agents guarantee safety of laboratory workers.  The labels are resistant to water, cleaning agents and organic solvents.

  • perfect adhesion of the label to many surfaces, e.g., glass and plastic
  • resistance to xylene, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, methanol, formalin, toluene and acetone
  • resistance to low and high temperatures
  • durability and readability of the print



Health & safety markings

Individual laboratory markings, non-standard prohibition signs, warning symbols printed in the form of labels. They introduce order and tidy up space in the laboratory rooms. Their guarantee safety of work in every laboratory.

  • warning labels
  • safety signs
  • markings of workstations



Address labels

Labels for addressing letters, parcels with test samples printed directly in the laboratory are a convenient and reliable solution. The addresses can be printed from a database which significantly simplifies and facilitates the operation, especially in case of a multiple use of the same addresses.  Printing address details and names of recipients enables you to reduce the number of mistakes which arise as a result of careless and illegible handwriting.

  • facilitation of operation
  • elimination of errors
  • aesthetics of correspondence
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