Front panels

Front panels are the elements of the housing which inform the user about the basic functions of the device and make the device easier to operate. An appropriate print in the form of a graphic design, text or pictograms makes it possible to choose a proper programme or control the device. Depending on the type of devices and the function the front panels are supposed to perform, they may contain cut-out holes for knobs, buttons, display panel or sockets for connecting cables and wires. In many cases they also perform decorative functions. They can be made of plastics, laminate or metal; diecuts made of mounting tapes are most frequently used for their mounting. Front and control panels find their application, among other things, in electric and electronic devices, household appliances, electrical appliances and their batteries.

  • permanent silkscreen imprint
  • can be laminated
  • easy assembly with the aid of an adhesive film, double-sided adhesive tape or acrylic tape
  • can be made of various materials


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