Print and apply

The printing and application devices (Print&Apply) – used for printing variable information on the label and label application to the product or its packaging. They are customized to operate and be installed directly on the production lines. The printing and application devices consist of a printing module based on thermal transfer technology and an applicator. The printing modules are adjusted to printing texts, numbers, weight of products, bar codes and 2D codes, and to encoding RFID tags. The printing and application devices ensure the maintenance of high efficiency of production while preserving accuracy and aesthetic look of the applied label. Label applicators used in Print&Apply devices are adjusted to applying labels to flat and round surfaces. They provide a possibility of application on two adjacent sides of the packaging. The offer includes the devices manufactured by Label-Aire with Zebra or Sato printing modules.

  • high efficiency of up to 100 applications/min.
  • high precision of label application of up to ± 0.4 mm
  • possibility of printing and applying a label containing variable information (number, weight, date)
  • possibility of application to various places on a product
  • possibility of application of various label sizes and shapes
  • possibility of application of logistic labels 148mmx210mm
  • possibility of integration with the production line
  • intuitive control panel
  • optimisation of costs related to the label application process


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