Label printers

Label printers are used in every office and administration department. Printing of self-adhesive labels with a bar code or description facilitates the process of circulation of documents, sets outgoing mail in order and makes it possible to catalogue documents in the archives.

  • thermal or thermal transfer print
  • small, compact casing enables the device to be put near the computer
  • 4-inch print head width
  • printing efficiency on the level of 1,000 labels per day
  • possibility of independent designing and printing self-adhesive labels
  • printing of inventory labels
  • automatic label printing for outgoing mail
  • printing of identity tags



etiLABEL – designing of labels

EtiLABEL is a software which enables you to quickly and easily design and print labels with the use of thermal transfer and thermal printers. A user-friendly interface of the programme enables even less experienced users to operate it smoothly

  • different software versions available
  • possibility to install an advanced data edition (scripts)
  • database operation
  • multilingualism



Address labels

Address labels are self-adhesive labels used in an office to address letters, parcels, courier shipments. Labels printed from a database facilitate the work of people, especially in case of a multiple use of the same address.

  • facilitation of office work
  • elimination of errors
  • aesthetics of correspondence



Thermal transfer ribbons

Thermal transfer ribbons are dedicated for printing all kinds of self-adhesive labels and markings on thermal transfer printers.  In operations departments and offices, they are essential for printing address, information labels, markings of archives and fixed assets. They guarantee appropriate durability of imprints and readability of bar codes.

  • wax, wax and resin, resin ribbons
  • compatible with various models of label printers
  • for flat and near edge heads



Inventory labels

Inventory labels are used for marking fixed assets in an enterprise such as production machines, devices, office equipment, fleet of vehicles. A durable self-adhesive label with a printed accession number makes it possible to record the assets in an efficient manner. The application of bar codes or 2D codes facilitates the inventory process.

  • quick inventory
  • elimination of errors
  • durability and aesthetics of markings




The Auditor system is a software that supports the maintenance of 5S methodology in an enterprise. Thanks to the automation of audit conduction it’s not only possible to precisely determine the standards defined for particular workstations but also to verify, on an ongoing basis, the results of the application of this methodology and determine indispensable corrective actions.

  • collecting information from audits with the aid of fixed-type and mobile devices,
  • possibility of entering documenting pictures and comments,
  • providing defined users with real-time information about the results of the conducted audits,
  • generating comparisons and reports, and forecasting trends



Data terminals

Data terminals used in office conditions, administration or health care are devices which facilitate the implementation of processes related to product or patient identification. A bar code reader integrated with the device, and the Android operating system make it possible to capture and process encoded data.

  • integrated bar code reader
  • compact size of the device
  • user-friendly operating system Android
  • elimination of human errors during product identification
  • efficient inventory of fixed assets
  • quick processing of customers’ orders
  • product price control



Bar code readers

Bar code reader is a tool thanks to which you can quickly and easily read a code from company’s archived documents or invoices. A wireless reader makes it possible to conduct the basic inventory of the fixed assets.

  • reading of bar codes from self-adhesive labels, documents or LCD screens
  • USB cable or wireless Bluetooth communication
  • a stand which makes automatic reading possible – without the need to press the button
  • increased efficiency during document inventory
  • efficient process of accepting an external parcel thanks to the possibility of scanning logistic codes



Plastic card printers

Thanks to a plastic card printer you can quickly and easily prepare an employee’s identity tag, guest card or access card. Thermal sublimation printing makes it possible to print a bar code, description or full colour graphic design on the card in a permanent manner.

  • single-sided or double-sided print
  • monochromatic or colour print
  • possibility of encoding contactless card, chip card or magnetic stripe card
  • compact casing makes it possible to use the device even in the limited operating space
  • on-demand printing of identity cards without the need for using services provided by external companies
  • encoding cards in the system of limited access to the rooms
  • printing aesthetic and modern business cards



Information labels

Self-adhesive labels are used for marking rooms, entrance doors, cabinets, drawers and information board for employees. Information labels help to keep an order at workstations within the framework of the adopted 5S standards.

  • markings of rooms, entrance doors
  • markings of cabinets and drawers
  • 5S labels



Markings for shelves and racks

Rack labels are used for marking shelves and racks in document storages and archives. The information about the rack number in the form of a number and bar code will ensure durability and readability of the marking for many years. Magnetic labels are used for temporary marking of shelves and racks.

  • easy label application, very good label adhesion to various surfaces.
  • possibility of using temporary magnetic markings.
  • aesthetic markings adjusted to the management system.
  • easy reading of bar codes



OHS markings

Health & safety markings are all types of prohibition, warning, and danger signs, information regarding work printed in the form of a label. They organise space at workstations, in the corridors, production and warehouse halls.

  • warning labels
  • safety signs
  • markings of workstations



Tapes for horizontal and vertical markings

Floor tapes are non-slip, adhesive tapes of higher abrasion resistance used for demarcating circulation areas in corridors, production and warehouse halls. The tapes for vertical markings are used for marking poles, gates and passages.

  • markings of circulation areas
  • markings of workstations
  • demarcation of immediate storage areas
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